Young and Broke and Pissed is a music blog founded by Phil in 2017, as an outlet for covering more underground music. Since 2014, he has been a regular writer for the webzine Rocksins, having reviewed new releases by artists including Babymetal, Once Human and Deftones, while interviewing such names as Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost, Bloodbath) and Logan Mader (Once Human, ex-Machine Head).

The name for this blog was taken from a song by digital hardcore group The Named.

Aside from music journalism, he has also been active in playing music, performing from 2012-2017 in various acts before taking a hiatus from performing. In 2015, he also established Serene Chaos Records, putting out releases by Rescue Dogs, Ghost Hall and Pupious, among others.

Logo for this blog, and other artwork, by Stacia Doan.

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